This website business is all about you....really!


NetComp Designs is a passionate company.

Passionate to see our clients attain the credible importance that a well designed and well placed website can offer. We look at website development as just that, an ongoing development. We are constantly researching newer and better ways to obtain desireable results faster, smoother, less labour intensive.

We are passionate about the relationships we form through our business. We like our clients, and they like us...well, most of them anyway! We like to laugh, work hard and impress them with our service, ideas, and a fantastic finished website.

Our goal is to offer you an interesting, educational, and creative experience that free's you from stress, indecision or confusion....and most of all creates a lot of business for you!

And what's so great about NetComp Designs?

Well, it is definitely the ongoing relationships with our clients that we are so privileged to be part of. Our clients are uniquely talented and from many different walks of life. They run businesses of all sizes, with professions of every sort and they come from all over the place, and each with a story of their own.

We would like to show you a sampling of some of that talent and expertise. We always get excited about new business too. How about yours?!  So why not give us a call to quote on your website project at 514-426-5647...because really, our business goes beyond the design.


Ronald Massad
Beaconsfield, QC

West Island
Counselling Centre

Pointe Claire QC